Project ’55 Bel Air: August 2014 Update

(continued from Project Car: ’55 Bel Air, 2 Door Hardtop)

Project ’55 Bel Air: April 2014 Update

Project ’55 Bel Air: May 2014 Update

Project ’55 Bel Air: June 2014 Update

Project '55 Bel Air: July 2014 Update

Now that the rear suspension is almost complete, we decided to add a front sway bar for better handling. Part # 57-10298 sway bar works perfect with CPP lower control arms–Part # 21-186. Installation was a breeze, just drill some holes in the frame and mount.

Since we installed the Classic Chevy 2” drop spindles we are going to use the Classic Chevy rotors part # 20-126 along with new front wheel bearings part # 21-104. Be sure to grease the bearings and spindle before installation.

We will be installing front disc brakes, but will do that at a later date. 

Now with the front rotors and bearings installed, we can install our “roller” wheels. The front modern suspension is coming together nice! This '55 will handle like a new car!

Eckler’s Classic Chevy does also offer quality original replacement suspension for those who are going original. Mild, wild, or somewhere in between– your choice!


Now we are at the official “Rolling” Chassis stage!