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My Restore Story Contest


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Behind every great every restoration there is a great story and we want to hear yours! Send us a video to

telling us about your restoration and what makes it special to you, and every week we will feature the best ones on the Rick’s Camaros website and blog for everyone to hear. Want to keep it compact? Then post on our Facebook page, Google+ or tweet at us with #yourrestorestory. Or if you just want to type it up with some pictures send it to us and we will post it also! The best story and the best one will win a 100$ gift card to Rick’s! So let everyone know what makes your restoration great! Contest ends November 15th.

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Current Stories Submitted:

From Max:

I'm in the process of restoring my 1977 Camaro  that has been in my family since 1977 when my father bought it for $6000.00 new. I learned how to drive in it and my daughter will drive it when the time comes. The car was sold to a family member and purchased back 5 years later, it sold again and purchased back. Not again.  Original silver with red interior with a 305.


From Sherry:

In 1970, my dad drove a V-8 Camaro Sport Coupe off the lot in San Diego, CA. It was sleek red with a white leather top. I didn't come along until 1973. When I wouldn't go to sleep, my mom and dad would stick my car seat in the back of the Camaro to get me to fall asleep. 16 years later it was time for me to learn to drive, so my dad would take me out to parking lots and deserted roads and I would drive that Camaro. Through my teenage years I drove that car all over Southern California. When I went off to college in L.A. though, they got me a 1980 Honda to drive. The year was 1993 and my dad only drove the Camaro now and then. He ran a machine shop out of our garage so the car sat out on the driveway. The years passed and there the car sat, out on the driveway in the hot California sun. I would ask my dad now and then if I could have it. The answer was always no, because he was going to fix it up, "someday".

Warp up to the year 2011. I finally convinced my dad to let me have the old Camaro. I had moved up to Southern Oregon so I paid $600 to have the car transported to my body guy, Fry's Autobody in Riddle, OR.. It needed a lot of work. Needless to say, sitting out on a driveway for 16 years, even in southern California, caused rust and other damage. I went for the ground up restore so it was stripped down, sanded, and had the initial body work. It went over to the mechanic after that and $5000 later it had brand new 360HP engine, Edelbrock carb, aluminum radiator and just about every other engine part replaced. It went back to Fry's. These guys have been awesome working with my while I have paid payments on their work. Just about every interior (and some exterior) parts have come from Rick's. The original interior was tan and I knew I was changing the paint color silver so I wanted black interior. Of course I also needed completely new electrical and an array of other internal and external parts. Order after order was placed at Rick's and sent to Fry's while they finished off the body work. They fit it in between their other projects while I slowly chipped away at the balance. So years after I originally began this process, the car is nearing completion. Paint is done, new brakes, shocks, and tires are on, and the last of the interior and weather stripping is being put together as I type this. To say I can't wait to drive this baby again is an understatement!

Thanks, Rick's for offering all the parts for this classic restore!

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