Living The Dream: 2010 Camaro

Living The Dream: 2010 Camaro

James McGhee • Bentonville, AR

Photography by Jim Knight

I’ve been a muscle car lover since I can remember. When I was little, I would buy Hot Wheels cars and the racing tracks to race them. I would dream that one day I would own one. As I grew up I would drool over Camaros and Corvettes. After high school I joined the work force ever so slowly working my way to one day owning the car of my dreams.


When the movie Transformers came out and the new model for the 2010 Camaro was revealed, I knew that was the dream car I would own. On December 8th, 2009, my dream became a reality. Originally, my Camaro was the base model with an added feature of a sunroof. As I was making the final deal, I asked the salesman if I could get white racing stripes added. He replied "Would this be a deal breaker?" I replied "Yes," “well then you’re gonna get your stripes.” Once the stripes were installed I hit the street in my Cyber Grey Metallic 2010 Camaro.


As I began modifications, I wanted people to look at my car and say "Wow, look at that." The first modifications came with new 20" Cattivo wheels and Hankook tires. I was immediately hooked on making this Camaro all mine; just the way I wanted it! Over the next year the changes just kept coming. The biggest change was adding the vertical "Lambo" doors to the car to give it that wow factor I was looking for.

I once took my car to a body shop to inquire about having some work done. The shop owner smirked at my car and asked "does it transform?" I politely said "no, but it can do this" as I raised my doors to the sky. Needless to say he was speechless. Another modification was to change the factory seats to leather. I chose the dreaded color of white. Again I wanted that wow factor.

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Another great modification is my custom airbrushed hood liner. I began my search online and found an amazing artist from Canada named Corrado. I commissioned him to replicate my car on the underside of my hood. I have accented the graphics with an array of white LED lights around the engine bay that also lights up the night and accents the chrome I have also installed. I am an electrical designer; since lighting is in my blood I have also installed white undercarriage LED's, white interior dome and floorboard LED's, white LED reverse lights and LED sequential tail lights.

Just this year I was introduced to the car show world. Every weekend I spend shining up the car and driving to the destination to let people enjoy my hard work. People are always asking me if I’m done modifying my car; the answer is no. There will always be something I want to modify or add. It definitely keeps my mind busy; as I continue to live my dream in this 2010 Chevy Camaro.