Gulf Oil Corvette Race Car

By Francisco Cruz

The 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette Race Car sold for $1.65 million at a recently held RM Sotheby’s auction. It was sold with eight other first and second generation Chevrolet Corvettes that made up the Andrews Collection, yet the Gulf Oil Corvette generated more than half of the total value of the collection.


Part of what makes this Gulf Oil Corvette so exclusive is the coveted Gulf livery, and was driven by “The Flying Dentist,” otherwise known as Dick Thompson, and recognized in the Corvette Hall of Fame. This Corvette was unquestionably the most sought after vehicle from the Andrews Collection, but you can’t overlook how simply awesome the ’65 Corvette Cutaway is. Then again, we wouldn’t mind owning any of those other C1 or C2 ‘Vettes either.

Take a look at the list of nine Corvettes and their selling price:

    • 1953 Corvette – $275,000

    • 1954 Corvette – $93,500

    • 1957 Corvette Fuelie – $170,500

    • 1961 Corvette – $71,500

    • 1962 Gulf Oil Corvette Racer – $1,650,000

    • 1962 Corvette Fuelie – $220,000

    • 1963 Corvette Coupe – $253,000

    • 1965 Corvette Cutaway Autorama Display – $715,000

    • 1966 Corvette Convertible – $82,500