The Next Generation

The Next Generation: No doubt about it, we’re all getting older. Sorry for the reminder, but it’s true. I’m 58 years old and hopefully still have many years ahead of me to enjoy this hobby, amongst other things! As the years roll on I wonder who’ll carry the “classic/muscle/hotrod” torch in my family. For me, most likely my son- in-law. My own son isn’t a car guy. He grew up with a dad who was (and still is), car crazy. My father was definitely not a car guy. I grew up with a Fiat and a Rambler– it was rough! When my son was a teenager, I asked him what his favorite “old car” was. He said he liked the ’68-’72 Novas. Ah, a flicker of encouragement! I still hope to find one of those cars and turn it into a father/son project with him. Right now, he’s entrenched with his career and our new grandson.

When my daughter married Andrew, I knew she’d picked the right man. Andrew is a car guy through and through - he’s 30 years old, and is really into this hobby of ours. He loves all old cars, trucks and motorcycles. Hopefully he and I will have some wrenching projects together somewhere down the road. It’s the “young” folks who are going to keep our classics alive. I hope you have someone (younger) in your life who’s just as excited about our hobby as you are.

One of the sights I love to see are kids at car shows. Doesn’t matter the age – even if they’re being pushed around in a stroller – it’s great to get them being exposed to this hobby at an early age. I was at the Autorama in Atlanta, GA last spring, and saw plenty of kids with their parents. Of course, most of them were interested in the Bigfoot 4x4 trucks, but hey, it’s a start. Get them used to power and noise, and you’re on the right track!

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Remember "Dragula"? It's customs like this that got us fired up as kids!