Quick Tips

Carburetor: Dual-Feed Conversion

Time: 1 hour (approximately)

Tools: socket set, flat-blade screwdriver, small putty knife or scraper, adjustable wrenches (optional).

Cost: (varied) approximately $100-$300

Tinware: center-hung float fuel bowls (if needed), metering block and hardware (sold as kit), metering jets, replacement gaskets, dual-inlet fuel line.

Tip: transfer the carburetor from the engine to a clean, open workbench. If you don’t have a carb stand, simply slide four bolts of your choice through the mounting holes in the bottom plate, and “nut” them up at the top. All you need is enough clearance for the levers and protruding linkage. (see photo #1)

Performance gains: increased fuel delivery and tuning accuracy.

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Car Wash Tips

After washing your car, let the water flow heavily over the car. The water will sheet off and it will be much easier to dry as well as help avoid water spots.

Recommended: Heavy flowing water will help the excess water dissipate faster, making it easier for drying.

Not recommended: A light final rinse will leave plenty of water droplets to wipe down. If they’re not wiped off fast enough, water spots can result.

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Wet Sanding

Bodywork: Wet Sanding

Time: depends on size of area and repetition

Tools: soft-block sanding pad

Cost: approximately $40-50 for supplies

Tinware: 1000-4000-grit fine sandpaper, garden hose or bucket, clean rags, rubbing compound, high quality Carnauba wax

Tip: Choose an open, outdoor area that will allow you to run water

continuously for extended periods of time.

Performance gains: Properly wet-sanding your vehicle will make a night-and

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Differential Housing and Gear Set

In this relatively brief “You Can Do It”, we’re going to cover how to inspect your car’s differential housing and gears, not a total rebuild. You won’t need a lot of tools for this job, just a standard socket set, flat-blade screwdriver and a hammer or mallet. Your “tinware” will include new gear oil, clean rags, a container to collect the old oil, and a new differential cover gasket.

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Water Pump and Pulley Install

Time: 2 hours

Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, gasket scraper, long screwdriver or pry bar

Cost: approximately $50-$150 for the pump, $25-$50 for the pulley

Tinware: new performance water pump and gaskets (supplied), deep-groove water pump pulley (optional).

Tip: never reuse old coolant. Over time it can chemically breakdown and actually harm and attack the internals of your cooling system.

Performance gains: a lighter (aluminum), more reliable, higher-flowing cooling system

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Engine Break-In Procedures

Time: Approximately 2 hours

Tools: crankshaft socket, breaker bar, oil primer shaft, power drill

Cost: $50 for supplies

Tinware: fresh engine oil and oil filter

Tip: Use quality engine oil and filters that are well suited to your needs  (geographic locations, economy, performance, etc.)

Performance gains: The correct break-in of an engine is just as important as its components and assembly. Without taking the necessary steps, the performance and longevity of your engine is severely compromised.

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Harmonic Balancer Tip

Excessive engine vibration can be a silent killer. It can rob plenty of precious horsepower as well. High performance balancers/dampers constantly fight the evils of these vibrations and keep the moving parts of your motor running smoothly and in harmony.

Although most specialty tools can be rented these days, you should definitely invest in a quality balancer remover and installer. They will more than make up for the initial cost in the time saved alone.

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