Ford Quick Tips

Carpet Fitting Tip

After purchasing a new carpet kit, remove the pieces from the box and lay them out flat. This will help take the folds and creases of packaging carpetout of the rug before it goes into the car. If the weather permits, lay the carpet outside in the direct sun with the plastic backing facing up- allowing the sun’s heat to soften the mold and ease in the installation.

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Canned Air Detail Tip

Dust Buster (or a generic “canned air” product) is commonly used to clean computer keyboards. Basically, it is cold, compressed air in a can. It works great for blasting unwanted debris from your car’s nooks and crannies. We’ve used it to blast dust from interior vents and to remove dried, crusty wax residue on the exterior (especially around emblems).

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Soda Blasting Tip

Restorers, or anyone with a fiberglass body panel, will be interested to know that soda blasting works very well on fiberglass, cutting paint and top coats without damage to the fiberglass. It’s ideal for small parts and spotting in small repairs.

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Paint Brush Detailing

Instead of trying to wedge a tissue or a rag between those interior vents, try using a paintbrush. It gets into the tight spots. A cotton swab also works well. The paint brush can also be used for cleaning dust and debris out of other tight interior areas, such as where the corners of the dash meet up with the windshield pillars.

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Ashtray Restoration Tip

In the instance when purchasing a new ashtray for your classic is just not feasible (not available, price too high, etc.), why not restore your current one? Sure, it may look really ugly, but that can be fixed pretty easily.

Let’s face it, filthy ashtrays not only look bad, they smell bad too. First, clean them thoroughly with soap and water. A toothbrush or small wire brush may be needed to get rid of encrusted buildup. After the parts are completely dry (use a hairdryer if necessary to get into the tighter cavities), it’s time for paint. Spray metal ashtrays with silver (or metal colored) paint to make them look new (Krylon Stainless Steel works great). Spray plastic ashtrays with crystal clear lacquer to make them look unused.

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Decal/Stripe Tip

When you’re applying new graphics to your car (eg. stripes), here are a few handy pointers:

Thoroughly clean the surface area with degreaser and a lint-free cloth before applying the stripes. Work in an area that is as dust free as possible!

Carefully locate the final position of the stripe on the body panel with masking tape.

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1575" src="/media/wp-content/macs/uploads/2014/09/stripes-tip.jpg" alt="stripes-tip" width="500" height="386" srcset="/media/wp-content/macs/uploads/2014/09/stripes-tip.jpg 500w, /media/wp-content/macs/uploads/2014/09/stripes-tip-300x231.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px" />

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