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Become an online Eckler’s Corvette advocate!

Here is something you can do from the comfort of home. Work part time and become an Eckler’s Corvette online advocate! Help other customers shop for parts at Earn cash, accessories and parts for your Corvette!

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NCM Motorsports Park Hosting Youth Driving School

Car enthusiasts are steeped in all manner of specs, facts and data– but does it make us better drivers? While most of us would like to think we’re handier behind the wheel than most, a quick look at thisthis, and this reminds us that knowledge or passion does not beget skill.

That’s where the Tire Rack Street Survival day at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park comes in.

While reserved for youth aged 15-21 with a valid drivers license, the all-day, hands-on course looks to teach teens about proper vehicle control and the techniques needed to drive in the real world.

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1953 F600

After many months of looking, driving, searching and disappointment, turning into the long driveway in Caro, Michigan, my wife Barbi loudly exclaimed "That's It!" Sitting at the end of the driveway was this beautifully restored 1953 F600 that had been listed on Craigslist. We greeted the owner, and without hesitation, I told him that we would buy it. I asked him the story behind the vehicle, but he didn't know too much about it. We agreed on the price, and I was now driving this classic for the next six hours to Petoskey, MI.

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