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Classic Mustang Wheel and Tire Combinations Part 2

The 1969 Mustang used six different tire types, with the types based upon the original engine equipment that was ordered on each particular car. The base 6-cylinder and 302 cars used a C78x14” tire as standard equipment. An E78x14” tire could be ordered optionally on any of the 6-cylinder or 302 cars, while also being standard equipment on the 351 and 390 equipped cars. The 302, 351 and 390 equipped cars could also be ordered with an optional E70x14” Wide Oval. These E70x14” Wide Oval tires were also only available optionally on the 428 and GT Equipment Group cars. An optional F70x14” Wide Oval was again offered for 1969, this time as optional equipment on the 302, 351,390,428 and GT Equipment Group cars. The FR70x14” Wide Oval Radial ply tires made their second appearance in 1969 as optional equipment on the 302, 351,390,428 and GT Equipment Group cars. The 185-R14” Radial ply was now discontinued and a new F70x14” Fiberglas belted tire was now mandatory equipment on the 428 Cobra Jet cars. The last tire that was available on the 1969 Mustang was the F60x15” tire, which was the standard and only tire available on the Boss 302 and Boss 429 cars.

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Classic Mustang Wheel and Tire Combinations Part 1

The job of determining what wheels and tires are correct for your vintage Mustang can be sometimes overwhelming to the restorer. Finding an original NOS (New Old Stock) tire, or even a full set of four plus a spare for the early Mustangs can be next to impossible, even when considering of the existence of the many Mustang suppliers across the United States. While there still may be some original tires that can be found in old tire warehouses, swap meets or in large car parts collections, the chances of finding NOS tires is getting more slim as time marches on. Wheels are much easier to find in the more common or standard sizes since some were also used on other Ford model lines. Whether you are looking for tires or wheels or both for your classic Mustang, you shouldn’t have to look far... if you know what to look for and why. Let’s discuss the tires first.

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