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Interior Upgrades for your Classic Mustang

The interior of your classic Mustang is very important to the overall look and drivability of your car over the long haul. The 1964-73 Mustang restoration market has been flooded for some time with an abundance of parts for almost every part of the car, including the interior as well. Many times a Mustang restorer will not know what is available due to the changing marketplace and newer, better reproduction parts becoming available all the time. One thing to keep in mind before you start to replace your car’s interior is what you plan to do with the car. If you just plan to build the car for your enjoyment, don’t worry about buying parts that will be acceptable reproductions for judging purposes. If you plan to show the car on a judging field against other cars, make sure you buy reproduction parts that are accepted by the club or show that will judge the car on a regular basis. With this thought process in mind, you won’t invest a lot of time and money into the interior and then find out you should have used different parts to begin with.  Let’s research what is available for the 1964-73 Mustang interior and hopefully we will find some answers to your questions.

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