Dyno Don's Comet

Dyno Don Nicholson’s ’65 Comet “parts car” is alive and kickin’ in Ohio!

Text and photography by Larry Killen

I started this journey when I found out that the 1965 Comet Cyclone I had found back in ’03 was previously owned by the legendary Dyno Don Nicholson. The supporting paperwork stated that Dyno had later given the car to his head mechanic, Dave McGrane.


Dave had been on Dyno’s team touring and racing the funny car circuit back in the ’60s. The team of Nicholson, Earl Wade, and Dave McGrane had nearly 50 straight wins under their belts!


Dave stated that Don had purchased the car in 1979 at an auction in Macon, GA, and had driven the car often when picking up parts for his funny car. He drove the Comet until 1985 when he and his wife Patty moved to California and the Comet went into storage.

I am so proud to own this piece of Ford history and have always been a “Dyno” fan. I met him in person at the National Trail Raceway in Columbus, OH, just before he passed away. All I can say is that he was as nice a man as Dave McGrane had described.

The car has been modified a little since Don owned it. It’s been punched out, has a hotter cam, headers, and a few more details to make it jump a bit. I’ve done some bodywork and now, as you can see, the car is A-1. I think Dyno would have wanted it that way.


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