Corvette Mania!

Corvette Mania!

Corvette Mania – Kind of like Beatlemania– sort of, anyway; there are a few similarities. The Corvette took a few of years to catch on and then it ignited like wildfire. It had a huge run for a long stretch and then came some darker periods; great and not so great. Overall, The Beatles live on in our hearts and memories as one of the greatest rock/pop bands ever. The Corvette – with its incredible history and its brilliant resurgence since the advent of the C6 (and now C7), has forever cemented its place in our hearts as the greatest, and America’s only, Sports Car.

I’m sure we all have our favorites and maybe you’ll disagree with my opening statements (regarding both the Corvette and The Beatles). That’s fine. I’ll go on record right now. Personally speaking– the 1963 through 1967 “mid-year” Corvettes were pure magic; the epitome of style, power, and attitude. I’ve never owned one, but find myself wishing I did.

Right here, right now I can share a crazy “C2” story with you, though. Late one night, years ago just outside of Harrisburg, PA, I was a passenger in a black ’67 427 powered Roadster. We came off an I-76 exit ramp almost doubling the speed limit, blowing by a vehicle sitting off the side of the ramp, in the weeds. It turned out to be a Cumberland County Sheriff. He hit the lights and began pursuit. My buddy (who shall remain nameless, of course), decided to kill the ’Vette’s lights and stand on it. My heart was just about pounding out of my chest at this point. Half expecting to dodge gunshots, I turned and watched the cruiser’s flashing lights quickly shrinking in the distance. We hit an elevated railroad level crossing at well over 100 mph, and the Corvette became airborne– Dukes of Hazzard style. As soon as the car landed and regained control, my buddy nailed the brakes and cranked the wheel hard to the left, sending us fishtailing down a gravel back road. We sat there, lights and ignition off, watching that police unit roar over the train tracks. He continued on, never noticing the black Corvette sitting down that side road in the darkness. I’m almost out of breath just recounting this story! That experience etched the 1967 Corvette deeply into my psyche. Apologies to any police officers reading this– I was the passenger, right?

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