Corvette DashLogic Programmable Performance Monitor

Today we talk about the DashLogic Programmable Performance Monitor a great upgrade for your 2005-2013 Corvette!

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Corvette 2005-2013:

•Turns Your ODB-II Diagnostic Port Into A Fully Programmable Performance Monitor
•Plug And Play, Just Plug In Under Your Steering Wheel, 100% Reversible, No Modifications
•Displays Several Pages Of Data Through Your Driver Information Center OR Heads Up Display
•Updates Results 300ms For Driver Information Center & 500ms For Heads Up Display
•View HP, Torque, 0-60, 1/4 Mile, 1/8 Mile, 1/2 Mile, Standing Mile, Top Speed, Lateral G's, Instant Fuel Mileage, Transmission Gear
•View Air Fuel Ratio, Fuel Pressure, Knock Retard, & Boost (Boost On ZR1 Only)
•Measures Lateral Gs From ABS System & Stability Control System
•Control NPP Bi-Mode Exhaust With Mirror Switch, 2 Aux 0-5V Inputs For Aftermarket Sensors
•Set Custom Audible & Visual Alerts For Shifting, Redline, Air Fuel Ratio, Knock, Boost, Coolant Temp, Etc.
•Fully Customizable & Updatable Via The Included USB Output To Your Computer
•Low Power Sleep Mode Prevents Battery Drains When Not In Use
•Fits All 2005-2013 Corvettes With Driver Information Center OR Heads Up Display
•Includes DashLogic Unit, USB cable 6-Ft, 1 Analog Input Adapter With 2 Inputs, & Quick Start Guide