C7 2014-19

2015 Corvette Z06 On The Autobahn

The C7 Corvette Z06 has the straight-line performance to outgun a lot of other performance cars on sale today, but the car is mostly about being a serious performer in the corners. The automotive media hasn’t stopped chattering about its jaw-dropping capability on the track, a characteristic you can chalk up to its effective aerodynamics and Michelin Super Sport tires, among other features.

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Corvette Museum Wants Your Corvette

It’s always a pleasure to show off your pride and joy at a local car meet, or classic car showing. But if there’s anything better than having the general public admire your ride, it’s having the public admire it in a time-period correct display. If that piques your interest, you’re in luck. The National Corvette Museum is looking for Corvettes to fill in its various displays, and they want your help.

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Corvette Trivia

Corvette Triva. The C1-C3 Corvettes were very popular in the muscle car era, and still are to this day. They’re considered by many to be the most beautiful 2-seater sports car ever produced by General Motors.

The Corvette was conceived in 1951 by GM designer Harley Earl and his special projects crew to compete with the European sports cars, in hopes that this new GM sports car would win at the track.

In 1953, the Corvette debuted at the Motorama in New York City. Chevrolet quickly set up a temporary plant in Flint Michigan, where 300 Corvettes were all hand built.

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C7 Corvette Custom LED Lighting

Today we show off an awesome custom LED lighting option for your C7 Corvette!

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Atlantic and Pacific Design Packages on 2015 Stingray

Chevrolet announced today that it will make the Corvette Atlantic and Pacific concepts from last year’s SEMA show available as special design packages for the 2015 Corvette Stingray.

The two design packages will be available from the launch date of the 2015 Corvette, which is slated to go on sale later this year. Chevrolet says a strong a response from enthusiasts helped influence the decision to put both the Atlantic convertible and Pacific coupe into production.

“One of the design goals for the Corvette Stingray was to provide customers with the flexibility to tailor the car to their personality,” said Kirk Bennion, Corvette exterior design manager. “The Atlantic and Pacific Design Packages were originally designed to showcase how the Stingray could be configured as a luxury sport GT car or as a high-performance motorsport car.”

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2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible, Before New York Debut

The drop-top Z06 showed its face a bit early...

It was supposed to wait until the New York Auto Show this week, but, as is usually the case for vehicles this exciting, the secret can’t be kept for long, and photos have leaked online early.

But that blue, though!

Being that this C7 drop-top is still a Z06, we can suspect a metric ass load of horsepower and torque from its supercharged LT4 V8, insane brakes, equally insane suspension, and even more mental aerodynamics. All of this coupled with either the choice of a precise seven-speed manual or a super-quick eight-speed automatic transmission. This would also make the Z06 Convertible the only vehicle of its kind with this much power, and two choices of transmissions. Best of all, it will probably come in under the $100,000 mark, although that remains to be official. Historians may also enjoy the fact that there hasn’t been a Z06 convertible since 1963 (the 427 doesn’t count).

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The new C7 Corvette Stingray has arrived!

The C7 Corvette was introduced in the Fall of 2013, as a 2014 model. It’s the seventh generation Corvette and the first to bear the Corvette Stingray name since the 1976 third generation model. Body styles include both Coupe and Convertible.

The C7 Corvette’s LT1 engine brings several technologies new to the engine line, such as direct injection, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) and continuously variable valve timing. Transmission choices include a 7-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic with paddle shifters.

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