50th Anniversary Mustangs For Service Members

By Brandon Turkus  Auto Blog

Think getting your hands on one of the 1,964 50th Anniversary Ford Mustangs is hard as a civilian? Imagine how tough it might be for the Mustang fanatics in our nation's military. Perhaps recognizing this fact, Ford Emerging Market Services and the Overseas Military Sales Corporation (the only Ford-authorized retailer on the military's bases) ran a raffle, with the winners receiving the opportunity to purchase one of the limited-edition muscle cars.


Ford EMS and OMS received 300 entries to the raffle, although with only eight 50th Anniversary 'Stangs to hand out, we imagine there were quite a lot of disappointed soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

"We are pleased to offer limited-edition anniversary Mustangs to members of our military through our Military Appreciation Program, and we are delighted at the response it's receiving," Doug Walczak, EMS' fleet sales manager, said.

The first Mustang was delivered to Army Maj. Del Boyer, shown above. While Maj. Boyer took delivery in New York, the raffle was open to servicemembers both at home and abroad.