1969 and 1970 Cougar Eliminators

Jim Stagner

1969 and 1970 Cougar Eliminators

Falmouth, VA

Here’s a couple of cool cats from Virginia...


“I own 3 Cougars: a 1969 CJ Eliminator, 1969 CJ convertible, and a 1970 Eliminator (standard 351C-4V). It is not because I am a rich collector. I am just frugal. I bought the CJ Eliminator new in June 1969 and just held on to it. I bought the 1970 Eliminator in 1972 when the two-year lease ran out (it has been my daily driver for a lot of years), and the ‘69 Convertible I bought as a retirement present to myself in 1994.

“My mother worked for Lincoln-Mercury dealers for 40 years, so I have owned a lot of Mercurys. I drag raced my 1957 Montclair and my 1964 Comet Cyclone, but the most successful was my ‘69 CJ Eliminator. I ran NHRA G Pure Stock and AHRA F Showroom Stock Automatic. I raced 49 times and got 47 trophies. I picked up trophies from six different dragstrips in California, Oklahoma, and Connecticut. Best time in G Pure was 13.69/104 and in FSR/SA 13.50/106. It is not a “hanger queen” as I have driven it across the U.S. three times.

“I have sent some pics of my Eliminators that my wife took at the local airport (no the airplane isn't mine - I wish). We both live in an "Active Adult" retirement community in Falmouth, VA. I am a member of CCOA and the Delmarva Cougar clubs”.