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1966 Sting Ray 427

Owned by Joseph Long, Viera, FL

1966 Sting Ray 427

The 1966 Sting Ray’s styling was very similar to the ’65’s, but there were some subtle changes. The Corvette “script” emblem was an elongated, more vertical style and was affixed to the hood and rear deck. The grille was now a plated, square mesh, cast unit. The roof B-pillar vents that had been both functional and non-functional in previous mid-year Corvettes (1964-1965) were now deleted. Another cool thing about the ’66? This was the intro year for the legendary 427!

Just the Facts

    • Base price: $4,295.00 (Coupe), $4,084 (Convertible)

    • Power: As in 1965, the high-winding 327 small-block was standard equipment. This engine came in a couple of different power ratings (depending on transmission choice, air injection reactor usage, air conditioning and power steering). Horsepower ratings were 300 and 350. The 396 was axed in favor of the new 427. The 427 came in 390 and 425 horsepower versions – again, depending on options. Carburetors for 1966 were all Holley – the Carter units were discontinued.

    • ’66 Corvettes equipped with the 427 featured a special “bubble” hood that was first introduced on the ’65s packing the 396. The high performance, solid lifter 427 was initially rated at 450 hp, but was downgraded to 425 shortly after introduction.

    • 1966 Sting Ray production included 9,958 coupes and 17,762 convertibles, for a total of 27,720 units that rolled out of St. Louis Assembly. That’s 4,156 more than the previous year.

    • Seats were similar to the ’65’s, but featured additional pleats in the upper and lower sections for better weight distribution at the seams.

    • Backup lights became standard equipment this year, incorporated into the rear inboard taillight housings.

    • The fiberboard headliners that came on previous C2 models were replaced with vinyl-covered foam. Interior door pulls were bright metal. Headrests were optional for the first time.

1966 Colors

Tuxedo Black, Ermine White, Rally Red, Nassau Blue, Laguna Blue, Trophy Blue, Mosport Green, Sunfire Yellow, Silver Pearl and Milano Maroon.

1966-Corvette-interiorAbout this car

Owner Joseph Long tells us that he found this car in Rockledge, Florida. It used to belong to Mr. Tom Price, who was the town mayor. The mayor was going to turn the big-block Mosport Green beauty into a resto-mod, but found that the frame had already been restored, dipped and painted. He had a lot of NOS parts still in boxes that he got when he bought the car, so he thought it best to sell it to someone who would want to keep the ’Vette more stock and original appearing. Joseph was just the right buyer!

When Joseph took the car home, it was sans motor and tranny. A family effort was underway to start the reassembly process. Sons Justin and Donovan and daughter Courtney all pitched in. Various components were sourced/rebuilt by companies throughout Florida, and the paint and body was done by Stan’s Cocoa Corvette.

Thanks to Mike Antonick’s Corvette Black Book for many of the facts and figures used in this article.

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