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Eckler's Classic Chevy has the perfect soft goods for your Chevelle's interior.

Restoration enthusiasts love working with Chevelles, because the mid-size model was one of Chevrolet's most popular lines. It offers a lot of freedom for restoration purists to stay as authentic as possible, and for other restoration enthusiasts to equip with a wide variety of Chevelle bucket seats, floor mats and much more.

Interior Soft Goods for Chevy Chevelle

What do you want your Chevelle to look like? Make sure your restoration is as comfortable to drive as it is to look at with our large assortment of Chevelle interior accessories. Although most people focus on the body, suspension and engine when rebuilding or customizing a vehicle, the cabin is where you spend most of your time. Both drivers and passengers will love the ride after you've revamped the inside. From officially licensed GM Chevelle interior parts to custom upgrades and add-ons, you'll find what you need to enjoy every second behind the wheel.

Take Care of Your Interior

Eckler's Classic Chevy is an industry leader in OEM-fit interior Chevelle parts. Many customers love our Chevelle bucket seats and bench seats that are authentic reproductions of the original. They're in-stock along with seat covers, seat belts, foam cushions, support springs and other restoration essentials.

Chevelle floor mats and carpeting are another must-have for every owner. Instead of resting your feet against bare metal, add high-quality floor coverings that also insulate against heat and sound. Make sure the space above you is in tip-top shape as well with Chevelle headliners, sun visors and sail panels that give you something to look up to. Other soft goods include replacement armrest pads, sound deadeners, trunk upholstery and water shields.

Shop for Everything at Eckler's Classic Chevy

At Eckler's, we practically invented the restoration market. From our humble beginnings as a custom Corvette parts fabricator, Eckler's has become your one-stop-shop for everything Chevy. We manufacture many Chevelle interior soft goods in-house and also work with top brands such as Legendary Auto Interiors, Parts Unlimited, Auto Custom Carpets and Distinctive Industries. From complete Chevelle interior kits to decorations such as fuzzy dice, our team of experts can help.

So contact us today, and let our restoration experts give you ideas for your Chevelle. Select a category, use the Add My Vehicle tool or request a free catalog to start your search. More than 90% of orders ship within 24 hours at the best prices to keep your project on schedule.