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In production since 1964, the Ford Mustang boasts the Ford Motor Company's longest continuously running nameplate. Since this sporty car burst on the scene in the freewheeling '60s, it has drawn legions of fans.

More than 10 million Mustangs have been produced, and sales are still going strong. This classic sports car has inspired everything from popular songs like "Mustang Sally" to roles in TV shows and movies, including the James Bond thriller "Goldfinger."

Better Performance and Looks

Whether you are lucky enough to own one of the first-gen Mustangs produced from 1964 to 1973 or own a sixth-gen Mustang you just drove off the dealer's lot, Mac's Auto Parts carries all the Ford Mustang engines and engine parts you will need to make your Mustang perform even better and look even badder.

Our huge inventory includes replacement Mustang parts for repairs to keep your Mustang running reliably and dependably. From basic repair parts like Ford Mustang engine mounts to chrome bling designed to glitz up your engine compartment's looks, we have it all. You'll discover small parts here like valve guides and valve spring insert shims as well as bigger engine components like V-belt balancers and crankshaft pulleys.

If you have a need for speed, check out our engines and engine parts to soup up your 'Stang. These include supercharged crate engines that will make your Mustang launch like a rocket. Brace yourself: You and your passengers will definitely feel the impact of adding some extra horses under the hood of your steed.

If you display your Mustang at car shows, we offer plenty of cool-looking parts to dress up your engine compartment to wow everyone who looks under the hood. Choose from valve covers with a variety of eye-catching finishes, including aluminum, chrome and black crinkle. Mustang engine dress-up parts are available for the finest details like chrome dipsticks and oil filler caps.