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As the longest-running nameplate in the Ford Motor Company's stable, the Mustang has proved itself as an American classic. Although the Mustang has taken many shapes and forms over its six generations and continues to evolve today, one common thread runs through this car's history. It is a sporty car devoted to speed and looks.

Whether you are the proud owner of a '64 1st-Gen 'Stang or just drove your 2021 Shelby GT500 off the dealer's lot, Mac's Auto Parts can help you make your pony even better. We carry an outstanding selection of Ford Mustang electrical system parts that can make your Mustang look as good as it runs.

Extensive Selection

You'll find a big selection of Mustang wiring harnesses, kits and accessories here, like liquid electrical tape, to keep the juice flowing. Functioning exterior and interior lighting is crucial for driving safety as well as driver and passenger convenience, so we stock dozens of Mustang interior and exterior lighting products. From a Mustang turn signal light to a clear dome light lens for a Mustang, we've got your car covered inside and out.

Better Batteries

Few things are more of a pain than a dead car battery, so we offer plenty of problems to nip battery power problems in the bud. Besides powerful batteries sized for 'Stangs, we carry battery cable sets, alternators, voltage regulators and other Mustang charging system equipment to keep your car roaring to life reliably.

If you're looking to add a dash of style to your ride as well as performance, check out our products designed to dress up your Mustang. Choose from products like chrome alternators and coil cover kits, striped fuse box covers and more.