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Post-World War II was a prosperous time for Americans. Bloodied but unbowed, the United States had suffered far less damage than its allies and enemies during the war and the country bounced back quickly from those terrible times.

Delirious Decade

The automobiles produced in the post-war U.S. matched the tenor of the times. Roomy, powerful and sexy, these vehicles epitomized the optimism and confidence of the era. In 1947, following the death of company founder Henry Ford, his grandson Henry Ford II took over.

Though the elder Ford had often resisted change, the younger man was ready to shake things up a bit. The first Ford F-1 truck rolled off the assembly line in 1948 as did the new Lincoln Continental. In 1949, Ford introduced a new lineup of entirely redesigned cars, including the Woody station wagon, later beloved of the Beach Boys and other surfer dudes. Improvements came to the Ford flathead V-8 engine, first appearing in the trucks in '48 and then in Ford and Mercury cars in '49.

The changes in 1949-1959 helped drive Ford's popularity through the decade. These wonderful old cars remain popular with collectors and enthusiasts today.

If you are restoring or upgrading a late Ford or Mercury from this era, finding the right parts for the electrical system may seem daunting. But it's not a problem here at Mac's Auto Parts. We stock more than a thousand parts for the interior, the exterior and under the hood to keep your car or truck going strong and looking great.

Leading Lighting Selection

We carry a huge assortment of bulbs and lighting products for the interior and exterior of your vintage Ford. These include headlights for assorted models as well as 6-volt and 12-volt bulbs. We also stock lenses for tail lights, brake lights and parking lights. You can also locate hard-to-find interior products here, including dome lights and pillar lights.

For mods under the hood, you'll discover parts ranging from the practical, such as high-torque starters to upgrade your Ford or Mercury, to the just plain fun, such as a wolf whistle horn. It may not be politically correct but this old-style claxon accurately reflects the culture of those happy days of the fabulous fifties.