1949-59 Mercury & Ford Electrical Parts for Engines

With Late Ford engine compartment electrical parts and accessories from MAC's Auto Parts, your motor will always have the power it needs to rumble on open roads. The full-size Ford came along in 1949, and with it came the demand for even more electrical power to keep the engine running. Here you'll find late Ford electrical parts that connect directly to the powerplant. This includes electrical components for the Mercury Eight, 1952 Ford, Comet, Park Lane, Monterey, and other classic cars. More than 90% of the parts listed are in stock and ship within 24 hours.

Ford Restoration & Performance

MAC's sells electrical engine parts to do repairs, genuine restorations or custom modifications. Powergen Late Ford V8 alternator conversions are a remarkable upgrade for these midcentury cars. They have the look of a factory generator but function like an alternator; this means your lights burn bright and don't dim as you idle. Our Ford and Mercury starter drives get a vehicle cranked up quickly - and there's also a kit to rebuild the original starts. Get the most from your battery with full-size Ford battery cables, hold-down clamps and corrosion stoppers. If you've put in an aftermarket engine, add a rev limiter to keep it from blowing sky-high. Electricity can add some fun to a vehicle as well - like when you add the famous Ah-Ooh-Ga Horn to let others know you're coming.

The Best Late Ford Engine Electrical Parts

Your powerplant depends on electricity as much as it does on gas. Use engine compartment electrical parts for the 1949-59 Ford and Mercury whenever the motor needs a spark. We're an authorized distributor of parts made by Powermaster Brakes, Dennis Carpenter, Proform and other leading brands. As part of the Eckler's family, MAC's Auto Parts also provides the best service and support. Call or email our specialists whenever you need to speak to a Ford expert.