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Eckler's Auto Parts, offers two levels of pricing:

Eckler’s Industries is proud to introduce you to our Wholesale Division. As a leader in the automotive industry for more than 50 years, we have created several discount programs where wholesale customers can benefit not only from our experience, but our buying power as well.

We sell over 300,000 parts and accessories for cars that range from antique Model T Ford to the most current C7 Corvette. Our expansive product line covers Ford, Mercury, Chevrolet, Porsche, Mercedes, and even some Pontiac models. We have over 25 retail catalogs containing parts and accessories for specific models within these lines.

Our Wholesale Division has gone one step further to offer our repair and restoration partners some programs to help you buy the parts you need at a better cost than retail customers – the Jobber Program and Stocking Dealer Program.

Program 1

Our Jobber Program consists of three discount tiers to help accommodate the flow of business through your shop (Note: The printed catalog and online catalog prices are subject to change without notice.)

Please allow up to 72 hours to get the information in our system. Until you receive a confirmation that you have been approved for our Jobber program, please call to place your order to verify that your discount has been established. We are not responsible for orders placed prior to discount approval and will not issue credit for orders placed or invoiced prior to confirmation approval date.

Program 2

Our Stocking Dealer Program is geared towards our partners who stock and sell inventory for antique, vintage, classic and performance parts directly to the public at retail or wholesale prices. To apply for this program, please call Jon Laverty at (800) 933-5580 for more information.

To become a dealer there are forms and applications that must be filled out. (See below for how to mail or fax a request for the information packet, or sign up online).

It takes on average 1 week to go through the approval process.

Note: You must be a legitimate business (possess Federal or state resale or business licenses) to become a dealer.
We do reserve the right to review accounts.

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