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Antique Automobile Radio
ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE RADIO, INC., began manufacturing car radio vibrators in 1982. The auto radios of the 30s, 40s and 50s were made by Motorola, Philco, Bendix, Sylvania,RCA, Zenith, Detrola, Wells-Gardner and others, had gone out of business or abandoned to vintage car market. As Antique Automobile Radio’s network expanded, they began making other hard to find parts for older radios. With AM stations growing scarce, Antique Automobile Radio began developing ways to adapt to FM channels. They developed a tiny FM "front end" tuner that could be installed inside some radios to provide the FM band without changing the appearance or function of the original radio. Further advancements were on the way and the current radio models still look, feel, and operates the same way as it did originally but with up to 180 watts RMS of output power and the capability to play iPods, MP3 players, satellite receivers, or CD players