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The upscale Thunderbird landed on dealers' lots for the 1955 model year as Ford's response to rival General Motors' sporty Corvette. Branded as a personal luxury car, the T-Bird debuted as a two-seater available in convertible or hardtop configurations.

Later incarnations included versions with more seating. Ford executives worried they were losing out on an American market that wanted room for more than just a driver and one passenger.

Restoring Classic Luxury and Looks

If anything, these classic cars appear even more luxurious today than they did when they first rolled off assembly-line floors. But time can take its toll even on luxury cars.

If your vintage Ford T-Bird needs some cosmetic work due to dents, dings or rust or you simply want to protect it from damage, Mac's Auto Parts is here to help. We carry dozens of Ford Thunderbird body components and parts to make your T-Bird look its best and keep it that way.

Down to the Seventh Generation

You'll find parts here for T-Bird model years running from 1955 through 1979. That means we've got you covered through the first seven generations.

Because we sell parts for Fords and Fords only, we offer parts that fit right. They are also as good or better than the originals. We've been in the car restoration business since 1978, ever since our founder, Doug McIntosh, turned his hobby into a business in his garage in Lockport, N.Y. That means we've had plenty of time to establish connections with the best manufacturers of Ford products.

When you shop here, you'll find lots of parts to replace damaged or rusted body components. These include quarter panels and extensions as well as cowl parts like side vent screens and side vent control arms.

We also offer muffler shield kits and exhaust filler panels to protect your exhaust system. In addition, you can protect your T-Bird from gravel, rocks, rain and other environmental hazards with items like our rear splash panels and stone deflector seals.