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Body Hardware for 1932-48 Ford & Mercury

Get the small parts you need to make an early Ford body repair project successful by coming to MAC's Auto Parts. Our selection of early Ford Mercury restoration body components ranges from new sheet metal to windshield wipers. What they all have in common, though, is that you need the right hardware to install them. Our Ford & Mercury early V8 body hardware is manufactured to meet the original specifications. Trust brands such as Dennis Carpenter, United Pacific and Gardner-Westcott who know that taking care of the little things now will prevent big problems later.

Ford Body Installation Hardware

Hundreds of parts are in stock that do the hard work behind the scenes on your flathead Ford or Mercury Eight. We sell body braces, hood release cables, lock cylinders, open roof attachments and other hard-to-find components. Automotive hood hinges make lifting up the hood simple when it's time to display your restored engine/ Our selection of early V8 Ford door hardware includes latches, lock cylinders, check arm kits and striker plates. Custom Ford V8 light mounts are popular in the street rod community to stand out day or night. You may even get a set of side curtain fasteners to hang your new covering.

Best 1932-48 Ford Body Accessories

For essential function and just a small pop of style, use early Ford Mercury body hardware that's been tested to make sure it works. Some hardware is made of stainless steel or has chrome and billet aluminum finishes to steal a little time in the spotlight. The Add My Vehicle makes it easy to find '46 Ford hood hinges, '38 Ford Deluxe door latches, Ford Phaeton license plate brackets and other OEM-fit parts. By ordering from MAC's Auto Parts, you'll get fast shipping, competitive prices and the best support from DIY experts.