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One of the sexiest and most suave designs to ever come out of the Ford Motor Company, the T-Bird is a true classic. It's hard to improve on the curves of this personal luxury car. But the big selection of Ford Thunderbird dress-up body products and components from Mac's Auto Parts make it possible to give your classic ride the truly unique touches it deserves.

Whether you own an original '55 or a later model '79, these products are for those who dare to be noticed. When you display your T-Bird at car shows, club rides or simply on Sunday cruises, you will let onlookers know they're seeing something special. Be prepared for lots of comments and compliments.

Unique Appeal

A Thunderbird license plate frame provides a wonderful and affordable way to personalize your T-Bird. You'll discover license plate frames here denoting specific model years as well as more generalized frames paying homage to famous American roads, including Route 66.

We have curb feelers here to help you park your T-Bird safely. Available in your choice of styles, they will also deliver a custom look. They are a cinch to install or remove.

Get the Right Look

Our reproduction dummy spotlights will deliver an authentic look to a '55 or '56 T-Bird. Available with chrome-plated or stainless steel housings, these lights will attract attention day or night.

One of the first things drivers and passengers will notice getting in a car is the handles. We stock a variety of cool, custom door handles to ensure you and your ride make a good first impression.