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If you own a vintage Ford Model A, you know it is special. But with surprisingly little effort and minimal expense, you can make it extra special. After all, if you got it, flaunt it.

The Ford Model A dress-up parts and accessories available at Mac's Auto Parts really are something special. Whether you are displaying your vintage rig at a show, bringing it to a club meet or simply taking it on a spin, any of these products will add to your pleasure in your ride and bring lots of comments and compliments from onlookers.

Replacing the incredibly durable and popular Model T, the Model A brought hordes of buyers to showrooms when it was introduced for the 1928 model year. Its new design and low price made it a worthy successor to the Tin Lizzie. Through its run into the 1931 model year, nearly 5 million Model As were sold.

Dressed to Thrill

Our Model A accessories set the pace in looks and style. If you've been asked to lead or join a parade with your vintage vehicle, our Model A flag mounts and sets provide a great way to top off your car's impressive looks. Sets holding from one to five flags are available and are a cinch to mount. They are perfect for Independence Day, St. Patrick's Day or any other time you and your Model A want to strut your stuff.

License plates and license plate frames offer another easy mod. We stock them in a variety of styles and materials so your ride will become truly unique. Our license plate bolt and wing sets with blue or red reflectors and bolts with white LED lights will draw extra attention.

We also stock crazy custom door handles to make your hot rod look even more phenomenal than it already does. Available in chrome or in bare metal that you can paint to match your car's color, these special handles will open the door to lots of compliments from admirers.