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It’s inevitable – the cold weather is coming! That means it’s time to get your Corvette ready to handle the elements that could otherwise damage it.

If you’re considering storing your Corvette for the winter, here are some tips to consider.

Wash your Corvette The last thing you want is for any unknown substances, bird droppings, bugs, leaves and tree sap, to sit on your car and damage your clear coat over time. Give your Corvette a good washing, polishing and waxing, and ensure the surface is completely dry


Protect your tires Make sure your tires are clean and dry. Clean them really well, following the cleaning instructions based on the type of wheels you have (to insure you don’t damage your wheels), , to remove any oxidation and dirt, dry them well, and apply a tire dressing. Should you leave your car on the ground or put it up on a jack stand? The jury is out, but some experts recommend putting the car on a stand and removing the tires to prevent moisture damaging the tires. If you choose to remove your tires, make sure you bag them (Helpful Hint: a large outdoor storage bag, well-sealed, is a handy way to store tires and keep them from the elements).


Check your fluids Be sure to top all of your fluids off, and check your antifreeze for strength. Changing your oil and filter if a good idea as well. See our complete selection of oil and filters.


Charge your battery Keep your battery fully charged and use a battery tender to help preserve your battery during storage season.


Prevent moisture damage Moisture can create havoc on a beautiful interior, so make sure you’re using a desiccant inside the car as well as the engine and other areas.


Cover and protect your Corvette Whether you store your Corvette indoors or you’re letting it brave the elements outside, you need a good cover. Choose a cover that extends beyond the body to cover the wheels. A good elasticized hem will give you a great fit and help protect your car from rain, snow, ice, dirt and any other debris that you might face. It’s a smart investment to protect your car – far less expensive than possible paint repairs. Take a look at the huge selection of car covers we offer at Eckler’s. If you’re not sure which one best suits your needs, remember our Experts are available to help you make the best choice.


Spring is coming…you can count on it! So prep your ‘vette and get ready for the New Year!